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How To Yodel Instructions For Beginners

As a kid, when my parents and I would take road trips, one way of entertaining myself was to pretend I knew how to yodel. Not that I was any good, of course, but I’d pretend I was calling to my loved one across the Alps, while herding my sheep. Obviously I saw Heidi one too many times.

Learn How To Yodel Now And Love The Rush

As an adult, I wanted to learn how to yodel correctly. Not only is it still fun, but it clears the head and is great for releasing pent-up tension. I can also consider it an art form, substituting for my inability to otherwise sing.

Ready to learn how to yodel? Let out that inner Austrian, or country and western singer, and join along as we delve into some how to yodel basics.

History of Yodeling


It’s believed that yodeling began in the Alps, with the first recording dating as far back as 1545 in Appenzell, a region of northeast Switzerland. Yodeling was used as a means of communication between villagers, or between a herder and his livestock. Yodeling was eventually incorporated into the regions music and has remained as part of their lore.

Franzl Lang

Franzl Lang is considered to be the leading Alpine yodeler in the world. He was born 1930, and raised in Munich, Germany.  Singing in German, and many times with a Bavarian dialect, Franzl Lang has over 40 albums to his name.

Listening to Lang’s yodeling is a treat and very inspiring. His music can be purchased online, and you can also enjoy watching him for free on YouTube.

American Yodeling

Franzl Lang is only one of many yodelers that have made a name for themselves. Yodeling became popular among Country and Western singers. Based on European traditions, immigrants brought versions of yodeling to this country in the 1840s. Yodeling minstrel groups became popular in the U.S., and in 1923 Charles Anderson made the first yodeling record.

In 1928 the famous Jimmy Rogers hit the country scene with his music, a combination of his own works, plus cowboy songs and blues. He called it “Blue Yodel.”

And the love of yodeling continues today.  Though no longer in its hay day, yodeling is still unique and fun to listen to and perform.

Here’s How To Test Your Yodeling Limits:

5 Steps For How To Yodel For Beginners

Have you got what it takes to learn how to yodel? You do. Let’s prove it.

  1. You’ll need someplace where you can shout and not have the neighbors call the police. Go to a field, or even do this in your car. Now just shout a word like, “Hey” or “Go.” Before you do this though, you’ll want to be aware of the origin of your voice. Does your shout come from your heard, or does it come from your chest?
  2. Ok, now shout! Shout again if you can’t tell where the voice is coming from. Ideally you want this to come more from your chest than your head.
  3. Now you’re going to practice your falsetto, which means your high voice. Try to imitate the sound of excited chimpanzees. You know, that funny sound monkeys make. Did you notice the sound is made from your head and is high pitched? That’s what you want.
  4. Now combine the two sounds – the chest shout with the head monkey noise.  It’ll be something like GO-iiiehhh!
  5. Next listen to Johnny Weissmuller (who played Tarzan) do his jungle call. You can see/hear it (below). This is a great example of yodeling. Practice imitating him and you’re on your way. Besides, isn’t that a really cool jungle yell?

How To Yodel • Start Now

If you want to learn how to yodel with the best of them, start now.

You’ve come this far, keep going. You’ll need to strengthen your vocal cords and develop your range.


How To Yodel For Kids – Why They Will Thank You Later

At first glance, it may seem difficult to get the interest of kids on how to yodel.  But sometimes, it’s the opposite of what you think.  There are kids who want something new to explore like yodeling.  The key in getting their interest is focusing on the kid friendly qualities yodeling offers.

How to make your kids interested in yodeling

Yodeling can bring great fun to the kids that even those have no interest at all will suddenly become interested on it.  The most effective way of getting your kids’ interest in yodeling is by incorporating stories in your songs just like some famous country singers.  These professional cowboy singers sing their songs with lyrics that tell stories about country living.

  • If you want to know how to yodel for kids, you can include stories in your songs.

You can tell something about the way you spent your youth, your adventures, your challenges, your achievements, etc.  If you want to make it more interesting, you can talk about fantasies.

But don’t overdo it by yodeling stories when they are already in bed; otherwise, they might just cover their ears.  The best time to yodel with them is when they want to hear something new like old traditional songs, for a change.  When they hear you sing these old songs that are new to their ears but relating to your childhood story, you can be sure that every time you yodel, they will always remember your childhood days.

In fact you may be surprised that one day they’ll be doing it in their own way – yodeling with lyrics that tell their great life with you as kids.

Why learning how to yodel is fun, yet challenging style of singing

If you’re a happy person, yodeling is great for you.  It is regarded by many people as infectious like a virus, but the difference is that it’s a good virus.  You’ll surely stomp your feet and clap your hands when you hear somebody yodeling professionally.

It may sound funny to some listeners, but if you possess a good sense of humor, then it could bring laughter to your lips.  To many singers, yodeling is a challenging style of singing because it’s not easy to sing it.  You have to learn first how to “break” your vocal sound.

If you’re not able to have a “break”, then it’s not a yodel.  Usually, you attain this break when you’re just about 12 years old.  You get your break when you sing a high note coming from your head voice called falsetto.

Simple steps on how to yodel and getting the kids’ interest

  • When you’re able to get the “break” coming from the chest voice going up to your head voice, you’ll have the ability to yodel in any style.
  • Since kids are always interested in having fun and making noise, practice yodeling with a “wolf cry” in developing your break.  When they hear it, they’ll become interested on what you’re doing and chances are they will follow your ways.
  • If you can render a falsetto and sustain it as you shift to a lower note in your chest, then you can have a great deal of fun in yodeling.  If you can’t do it, try the other way of starting how to yodel in your low voice and go up to a falsetto.
  • Once you attain that, start listening to yodeling records and practice it regularly.
  • When you simply yodel out of tune, you can’t get the interest of your kids. But when you do it with feelings just like a professional, you can surely get their thumbs up.

She Taught Me How To Yodel – Jewel Wants You To Yodel Too

Yodeling – what, you mean that odd way of singing? Does that make you think of Taylor Ware, LeAnn Rimes, The Sound of Music, or . . . Jewel? Yes, Jewel has begun to include yodeling songs in her concert performance repertoire.

Yodeling began in early country music – and as an old Swiss form of communication between the peaks of the Alps. If you’re getting a mental image of a Swiss man holding a long horn, you’re on the right track. That horn is called the “alphorn,” and it enabled Swiss mountain residents to communicate with each other. Swiss yodelers learned how to hold a long note and change its pitch quickly, moving the note from their chests to their heads and back down. (This is called “chest” singing and “head” singing.)

Why Has Jewel Become a Yodeling Fanatic?

When Jewel was a little girl living in Alaska, her father, a cowboy, taught himself how to yodel, listening to records made by Jimmie Rodgers, who was an old country-western yodeling star. Jewel remembers that, when she was a little girl, her parents sang at dinner performances for the tourists who had traveled to Alaska – and a part of their act involved her. Of course, she, too, had to learn how to yodel. Because yodeling requires singing in two different voices, it’s not an easy skill to learn – let alone, learn it well, but Jewel did, and this has led to enthusiastic audiences and good sales for her CDs.

What Does Jewel Bring to the Yodel Style of Music?

Jewel learned how to yodel by listening to one of the classic stars, which means she’s going to give her listeners and concert audiences the authentic yodel. The performing yodel combines the yodeling sounds with different phrases, while the natural yodel doesn’t have any words or phrases combined with the sounds.

As Jewel learned how to yodel, she found that the actual learning curve was steep and hard. Once she learned, however, she became a hit at her parents’ shows. As a result of her childhood efforts, the yodeling tunes add a touch of “old time” country to her shows, something her audiences obviously appreciate.

Learn How To Yodel From Some Other Female Yodeling Stars

Jewel isn’t the only female yodeling star. Look at LeAnn Rimes, who started recording and selling albums when she was barely thirteen years old. From Texas, Rimes grew up listening to – and singing – the old country-western classics, including yodeling songs. Other female yodelers include Taylor Ware and Kimberly Caldwellare.

Learn How To Yodel

Yodelers change their vocal pitch quickly and frequently. As they do, the pitch of their voices goes from their chest voices up to the highest range of their head voices. Take a deep breath and start singing a note at your lowest natural pitch – you should feel the note coming from the region of your diaphragm. Begin increasing the pitch of your voice until it breaks naturally. At this point, you should feel your voice vibrating in either your chest or throat.

After you have learned to increase your vocal pitch to the point where your voice breaks, add words to your learning – “Littleoldladywho” or “and-your-old-lady-too.” Because you are forming words at the same time as you are yodeling, this will take some practice until you are confident. Practice behind a closed door in front of a mirror so you can form each word correctly. Breathe correctly and drink water frequently – you want your voice to crack because it’s going up, not because your vocal cords are dry. Don’t become too frustrated. One day you can say: “She taught me how to yodel”, but for now it takes patience and practice.

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